2012 SPE LAC-Strategic Planning Survey

Dear SPE Members:

This October, prior to ATCE 2012 in San Antonio, the SPE Board of Directors will embark on a strategic planning initiative to evaluate new ways SPE can better serve its membership and the industry in this changing environment. In representing our region, I would like to ask for your input on the following topics so I can carry forth a collective mind for the South America and Caribbean Region.  


Nestor Fernando Saavedra
SPE Regional Director, South America & Caribbean

1. The following is a list of important emerging trends and external shifts that SPE is discussing as it looks ahead over the next 5-10 years. What else of particular importance do you think SPE should be considering?
        • Environmental/Climate Change issues
        • Big Crew Change/Generational shifts
        • Geopolitical issues
        • Global economic issues
        • Government shifts/regulation
        • Industry image/ media/public perception
        • Knowledge generation/intellectual property issues/increased ease of access to information 
        • Shifting role of NOCs and IOCs 
        • Technology development
Additional Trend/Shift:
Additional Trend/Shift:

2. What are likely to be SPE’s 2-3 greatest challenges over the next 5 years?
Greatest challenge #1:
Greatest challenge #2:
Greatest challenge #3:

3. Please select the country in which you are currently based, primarily for work:
Cayman Islands
Other country not listed (please specify) 

4. What is your primary area of technical interest?
Drilling and Completions
Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility
Management and Information
Production and Operations
Projects, Facilities, and Construction
Reservoir Description and Dynamics

5. Your Company Category:
National Oil Company
Independent Oil Company
International Oil Company
Integrated (Major) Oil Company
Technology/Service Provider

Thank you for completing this survey and your continued support of SPE!  After you click submit, you will be redirected to the SPE.org Latin America & Caribbean Website.


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